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Hiring a dumpster for your home or office in Lake Charles is not as difficult as you may think. You simply call us at (337) 564-7154, select a dumpster size and we will deliver the container to you as soons as possible. Afterwards, you can simply wait for our delivery staff to arrive with your dumpster and choose a spot where you want to place the container.

Once you have a dumpster placed at your location, you can start throwing all your junk in it. But one thing you must remember is that there are some prohibited items you must absolutely never dispose of in the container. This is to ensure that the company does not discard any harmful items in the landfills.

All dumpster rental companies have their own set of rules and regulations for what their customers can and cannot dispose of in the dumpster. Before you receive the container to your address in Louisiana, ask our staff what materials we cannot accept.

Here are four toxic and health hazardous items that you generally cannot throw away in the dumpster.


Paints can be sticky and messy. They may not just stain the insides of the dumpster permanently, they also contain toxic chemicals. But if you really need to dispose of some paint, there are actually some companies that accept them. You just need to talk to the dumpster service first to ask about it.


Tires should never be thrown in the dumpsters because they do not belong in the landfill. Most waste management services in LA do not accept this type of junk in their regular dumpsters. But there are instances when they allow you to do so with the condition that you set aside a small corner for it. That way, the junk removal personnel will be able deliver them to the recycling factory.


Whether you are trying to get rid of multiple double A batteries or throwing out a drained car battery, you must remember that they cannot be thrown into your dumpster. Batteries are highly toxic as they contain large amounts of mercury, lead, and cadmium. The good news is, you can take these to your recycling center and you can even get some money out of them. Or better yet, ask our dumpster rental personal if they can take the batteries out of your hands.

Flammable Liquids

Some examples of flammable liquids are motor oil and gasoline. Flammable liquids are of course prohibited in the dumpsters due to the threat they can cause to the environment. Some flammable liquids can combust on their own by a slight change in temperature. If you must dispose of them, you can instead offer them to your local recycling center or give them away to most auto shops.

Remember that renting a dumpster also comes with a great deal of responsibility. So make sure to dispose of your wastes accordingly and follow the rules and regulations imposed by the company as well as Louisiana laws.

If you are unsure or have questions regarding hazardous materials, just give us a call at (337) 564-7154. Here at Near Me Dumpster Rental Lake Charles we are always willing to help our customers while remaining committed to protecting the environment.